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Moving Size Movers and Trucks Rate approximate time
to complete
studio or less 2 guys and 1 truck $140/hr 3 hours $420
small 1 bedroom 2 guys and 1 truck $140/hr 3 – 4 hours $420 – $560
large 1 bedroom 2 guys and 1 truck $140/hr 3 – 5 hours $420 – $700
small 2 bedroom 2 guys and 1 truck $140/hr 3 – 5 hours $420 – $700
large 2 bedroom 3 guys and 1 truck $190/hr 4 – 6 hours $760 – $1140
3 bedroom apt 3 guys and 1 truck $190/hr 5 – 7 hours $950 – $1330
2 bedroom townhouse/house 3 guys and 1 truck $190/hr 5 – 7 hours $950 – $1330
3 bedroom townhouse/house 4 guys and 1 truck $240/hr 6 – 8 hours $1440 – $1920
4 bedroom townhouse/house 4 guys and 1 truck $240/hr 7 – 10 hours $1680 – $2400
5+ bedroom townhouse/house 5 guys and 2 truck $340/hr up to 12 hours up to $4080

Commercial Moving Services

Born to Move specializes in moving and storage, serving Chicagoland companies. We provide customer service from start to finish. We keep all of the process straightforward and clean for you as a boss. We provide all commercial services and are available to answer all of your questions on-the-go until 8 p.m. every day. By special request, we can extend our time during after-business hours for your commercial relocation.

Here’s the plan below for how Born to Move provides commercial moving in Chicago.


Give us a call for your free moving estimate. We will send our moving estimator to take a look at your office or commercial property and give you a free, no-obligation quote by simply calling us. You can schedule your estimator for free.

Personal Assistant

For commercial moving in Chicago, we will assign you your personal moving coordinator. He will be on the phone with you. You can talk with him at any time during the business hours, and if you have special moving tasks that we need to complete to ensure your smooth location scheduling, furniture protection, and after-hours move, you can talk with him and work directly.

Packing Your Office and Disassembling Your Office Furniture

It is not a big deal for a professional commercial moving company such as Born to Move. That’s why we only send the best people who know how to disassemble your desks and cubicles and move your office after hours. By giving us access to your office space, we can utilize plastic bins for wires and computer monitors, so we will reduce the impact on the environment by renting our plastic crates for your commercial moving.


When you hire our commercial moving company, we will put labels and stickers on plastic crates, all your boxes, or commercial bin boxes. In this case, you will make sure that everything is organized and intact according to your needs. If you need to unpack, it will also help you to do that.

On the move-in date, our professional moving team will give you a call 30 minutes before the move, and then once they arrive at the place, they will also give you a call. Our team of professionals can work on weekdays, weekends, and after hours, so no disruption to your business will be made. Born to Move Moving and Storage works with you, for you, so you can move into your new space without any stress. Just give us a call, and you can see for yourself how we perform commercial moving in Chicago.

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Unpacking and Assembling Your Office Furniture

It is not a problem for our professional movers. That’s why when you move into a new location, all of the teams will have their own tools to assemble cubicles, office furniture, desks, and anything that needs to be wired back to the monitors and computers. We can handle all the plug-ins for your office monitors. We can do unpacking and assembly without any stress for you.

Chicago Professional Commercial Movers

When you relocate a business office in Chicago, it is not easy, and you definitely need to hire commercial movers who will help you move quickly and efficiently without disrupting your business. At Born to Move, we offer a lot of commercial moving services for you.

Office Furniture

When you move the office and have your business furniture packed and ready in one or two days for the new office, you can count on Born to Move. We provide commercial equipment for your needs as well as the manpower and transportation to relocate your office space within one or two days.


Packing is essential when you organize your commercial moves. That’s why commercial movers in Chicago will be bringing all the equipment needed to move efficiently, such as commercial bin boxes, plastic crates, and two-wheelers. These will be used to swiftly move your office and large commercial spaces. We will pack your office equipment into large commercial boxes and plastic crates; by doing that, we will greatly reduce moving times.


We know how hard it is to find a new place, but you have to move out of another place, and you can also keep your office and commercial furniture in our warehouse.

Our rates will be based on the number of items that you will store with us, and you can check out our commercial storage services. You can get a free quote from your moving coordinator.

Servers and IT equipment

When relocating servers and IT equipment, professional commercial movers in Chicago, such as Born to Move, will lend you a hand in the situation when you need to move servers or data centers. A highly skilled crew is necessary for your move without disruption, and within an hour, we will be able to focus on all of your needs and safely transport systems without any damage.

Corporate Relocations

Does the whole corporation need to move? Give Born to Move a chance. We know how to organize logistics for your equipment and employees, and if you need movement specialists, we can provide one or two, up to five, organizers for your corporate relocations. Our corporate movers will be able to help you, and you can trust us by checking our reviews online and testimonials from other commercial moves that we’ve done. You can count on us.

We provide solutions for all office relocations and commercial moves that are absolutely necessary for all the businesses in Chicago that need movers.

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