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Moving Size Movers and Trucks Rate approximate time
to complete
studio or less 2 guys and 1 truck $140/hr 3 hours $420
small 1 bedroom 2 guys and 1 truck $140/hr 3 – 4 hours $420 – $560
large 1 bedroom 2 guys and 1 truck $140/hr 3 – 5 hours $420 – $700
small 2 bedroom 2 guys and 1 truck $140/hr 3 – 5 hours $420 – $700
large 2 bedroom 3 guys and 1 truck $190/hr 4 – 6 hours $760 – $1140
3 bedroom apt 3 guys and 1 truck $190/hr 5 – 7 hours $950 – $1330
2 bedroom townhouse/house 3 guys and 1 truck $190/hr 5 – 7 hours $950 – $1330
3 bedroom townhouse/house 4 guys and 1 truck $240/hr 6 – 8 hours $1440 – $1920
4 bedroom townhouse/house 4 guys and 1 truck $240/hr 7 – 10 hours $1680 – $2400
5+ bedroom townhouse/house 5 guys and 2 truck $340/hr up to 12 hours up to $4080

Illinois is a wonderful state with many lakes, located in the Midwest and bordering Indiana, close to the great Chicago lakes. It offers a nice vibe when you are working and living in Chicago during the summertime, although the winter can be a bit rough due to the wind and cold.

Cruising on the boat in Chicago’s lakes also offers many opportunities that Illinois brings. With over 12 million people living in Chicagoland, it’s one of the most populated areas in the US, thanks to Chicago itself. A lot of people are moving in and out of Chicago, and that’s why we provide the most comprehensive moving solutions for Illinois homeowners and renters.

Born to Move will wrap your furniture

When you’re looking for a moving company in Illinois, give Born To Move a chance. We know how to use all the protective moving blankets, exactly how to perform a piano move, and all other moving services professionally. By hiring us, you will not be disappointed or let down, like you might be with other moving companies in Illinois.

We are a local Illinois moving company

All moving operations in the state of Illinois will be performed by our moving company. We never buy leads from brokers or hire third parties to make our moves. All movers will come from our company in our trucks. We will swiftly load your possessions onto the truck and move them precisely to the new destination, whether it’s just around the corner or across the country.

Long-distance movers

Interstate movers in Illinois charge more than local movers because the amount of work we have to do is much greater when moving long distances. That’s why we charge more. Other moving companies, like van lines, might combine jobs and send them in the same direction on a big tractor-trailer. But Born to Move does the job differently.

When you hire interstate movers in Illinois, we will send a separate truck just for your load with the same professional movers that loaded the truck, arriving at the destination whenever it’s convenient for you. Delivery will be based on your needs, especially when you’re in a rush, arriving at the exact time requested by your management company or by you personally. Give us a try.

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Moving and storage

When you move out of Illinois and need to store your belongings for a few months or up to a year, Born To Move provides professional and reliable moving solutions just for you. We charge storage fees per week, not by the month, to save money for our customers who use our moving and storage services in Illinois.

If you need to extend your time, there is no problem, but additional fees will apply. Reach out to us if you would like to get more information regarding your moving and storage solution.

Movers and Packers

When you are packing and realize you have too much to pack, give Born to Move a chance. Our professional packers will do the job and also bring plastic crates to use for all the miscellaneous items you will be moving. We’re trying to reduce the impact on the environment; that’s why we provide plastic crates that will be accessible for you, and you can have them for the entire week.

We charge $5 per plastic crate. We will bring the plastic crates to your house and then take them back to our facility once you are done. If you extend the time for another week, there will be another $5 charge per crate.

Area of Service

Most moving companies in Illinois work across the state, and Born To Move does the same. We provide the same customer service whether you are moving to Chicago, anywhere across the state, or to any other city. Our service will be professional and the same as what we usually provide.

There’s no difference between hiring movers in Chicago or Springfield, Illinois; we will maintain a high standard anywhere in the Chicago area, including Rockford, IL.

Cancellation or Rescheduling Policy

It is important to note that most moving companies in Illinois charge a deposit, but Born to Move does not. That’s why we are well-regarded. If situations arise where you have to cancel your move or change your date, there is no problem.

We are super transparent and flexible with you as our customer, and we will not let you down. If you need to cancel or reschedule, we will not charge you for any unpredictable circumstances that may arise.

How Can Homeowners Save Money on Moving?

Born o Move, a moving company in Illinois, recommends packing up as much as you can and disassembling your furniture, stacking them nicely in one of the rooms; this way, you will save money and time. Alternatively, you can move all your items that you will be moving close to the front door, which will minimize the distance between the truck and the pickup area, ensuring movers have a short distance to travel.

Also, make sure there are no delays on the way to getting your things out. We can bring as much equipment as needed, but by providing us with as much detail as possible, you will greatly reduce the moving time. This is advice for you from a professional moving company.

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