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Movers from Los Angeles to Philadelphia

Size of the move flat price range
studio $9,000 - $12,000
small 1 bedroom $10,000 - $12,000
large 1 bedroom $10,000 - $12,000
small 2 bedroom $10,000 - $12,000
large 2 bedroom $10,000 - $12,000
3 bedroom apt $12,000 - $15,000
2 bedroom townhouse/house $12,000 - $15,000
3 bedroom townhouse/house $12,000 - $17,000
4 bedroom townhouse/house $12,000 - $17,000
5+ bedroom townhouse/house starting from $14,000
delivery time range
4-5 days
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Professional Moving

In today’s world, it’s a huge relief to have someone else handle the logistics of moving. Finding excellent moving experts in this area has proven difficult in practice. Each potential candidate undergoes extensive screening and testing before joining our Born To Move moving company. Our movers from Los Angeles to Philadelphia are experts, so you can trust them to get the job done well. A separate order for movers may be necessary depending on the nature of the moving task. We also provide full-service relocation for your convenience. This is the most well-liked moving service we offer.

Packing all of your stuff onto a truck is an important step in the moving process. A well-coordinated effort from the moving crew is essential to its success. Our moving staff is required to undergo training where they are taught proper loading procedures for a variety of goods. Even the heaviest and most difficult cargo will arrive safely at its destination in Philadelphia or from Los Angeles. Experienced movers are the only ones we’ll use. They deliver high-quality moving jobs on time, every time. If you hire proficient movers from our moving company, everything will go well.

How to start the process of moving from LA to Philadelphia

Look around your home at the mountain of stuff you expect LA movers to transport to your new place in Philadelphia. Do you think there are too many? We won’t stop you from flailing and crying. However, we must inform you that this is completely pointless. Our professional movers in California will assist you in packing any size home, from a one-bedroom to a seven-bedroom mansion. However, first things first; you have to do what must be done:

  • First, take stock of your possessions and donate or sell whatever you won’t use. This will aid in organization and allow you to move fewer items, saving you money.
  • Second, classify them such that packing in LA and unpacking in Philadelphia are both manageable.
  • Is your Philadelphia home packing up nicely? The time to start painting or doing remodeling is now, not later. You shouldn’t unpack in a freshly painted home. Our expert movers in Philadelphia would much prefer to unload into a spotless, move-in-ready house.
  • When the time comes and you’re ready to make the move from Los Angeles to Philadelphia, just give us a call. At the latest, one week before the scheduled event.

If you’re moving from LA to Philadelphia, try to do it during the off-season. When moving, it’s not necessary to deal with a large influx of visitors, so everything goes more quickly. Finally, make sure all of your records reflect your new Philadelphia address. Enjoy time with family and friends, revisit old haunts, and try out that new restaurant you’ve been admiring.

You, as a client, are expected to provide us with as much information as possible. We know that relocating can be stressful for some people, therefore we value your openness with information. Only because we care about exceeding your expectations would we go to such lengths. If you and our Los Angeles movers can maintain the lines of communication open, the move will go more smoothly for everyone involved.

Trained movers from Philadelphia to Los Angeles are ready to provide you with a stress-free moving experience

Our movers are standing by to assist you with that very task. Our assistance starts in LA and concludes in Philadelphia. Our phone number is up there in the right-hand corner of this website. Whether you’re phoning from Philadelphia or Los Angeles, the number is always the same. You may also visit our company’s site, where a cost estimator and phone number are available for your convenience. So, give us a ring!

Here’s the deal: We promise that our movers from Los Angeles to Philadelphia will arrive with all of the packing supplies they need. All necessary packing materials, such as boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and any other tiny goods, will be provided by our movers. Your furniture will be dismantled and carefully wrapped in its respective parts if it is too large to go through the door or into the boxes.

Then, our CA movers will pack all of your goods into boxes and stack them as tightly as possible within the moving van. Even if you’re moving from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, you may still rely on the assistance of our movers from Philadelphia to Los Angeles.

Skilled Los Angeles to Philadelphia furniture moving professionals

We guarantee that your furniture will arrive at its new home in one piece and undamaged since we will take every precaution to safeguard it during transit. Our Golden Statemovers utilize stretch wrap to protect furniture from being scuffed or soiled while being transported. When we move other furniture, we use special cushioning and clothes to protect it from scratches. Our movers will disassemble and reassemble any pieces of furniture that need to be dismantled before transit.

Our moving company is dedicated to offering high-quality service at an affordable cost. If you need professional furniture movers for your next move, you can count on us to assist you. No piece of furniture is too big or too fragile for our professional movers to handle. Professional movers, packers, and drivers are at your service. If you need help relocating, don’t hesitate to contact Born To Move moving company. No of the size, budget, or timeline of your moving project, we can adjust the scope of our services and associated prices to match your demands. Contact us now for a no-obligation moving estimate at no cost.

If you want to start Los Angeles to Philadelphia moving better, contact Born To Move movers

Make use of our full-service movers and storage experts if you want a smooth relocation from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. If you’re located in Los Angeles, our team will coordinate with you to keep you updated on the whereabouts of our trucks and let you know when we’ve arrived to begin unloading. Contact us right away, and we’ll give you a free estimate that includes our lowest possible price on the relocation services you require to get your life back on track.

We do not include any additional charges in our final Los Angeles to Philadelphia pricing. No additional fees are applied for mileage, tolls, or fuel. Because of our wealth of knowledge, we can advise you on all you need to know about moving goods and regulations. Those in Los Angeles and Philadelphia have known they can count on our packing and moving services for years. You should choose our professional movers if you want a smooth and low-price relocation from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. Have you settled on a relocation date yet? Get your no-obligation moving quote by calling (617) 903-2609 now!


Our hourly rates include all other charges:

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price
Movers from Los Angeles to Philadelphia
Our Moving Company is fully licensed and insured!

How much will it cost to move from Los Angeles to Philadelphia?

The short answer is $12,000 including packing unpacking dissemble and reassembly.

How long will it take to move from LA to Philadelphia?

Your belongings will be delivered in 4-5 days.

What is the best time of year to move to Philadelphia?

Best time of the year of course summertime!

How can I ensure the safety of my belongings during the move?

You can hire a moving company. And pack as much items into the boxes as your can in this way it will make it safe to Philadelphia?

How do I transfer my driver's license and car registration to Philadelphia?

Once you moved you will have to find the closest DMV office to your Zip code and make an appointment online with them or call them.

How do I choose a reputable moving company to help me move to Philadelphia?

Make sure to check all online reviews available on all platforms such as Google and Yelp. If you could find company reviews it's a bad sign.

What should I do to prepare my belongings for the move?

Please empty all drawers, wrap your furniture pack your belongings into boxes,and get tools to dismantle your bed.

What is the best way to transport my car to my new state?

There are plenty of small transportation companies that are moving cars.We can also assist you to move a car to Philadelphia.

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Movers from Los Angeles to Philadelphia
Our Moving Company is fully licensed and insured!

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