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Movers from Maine to Florida

Size of the move flat price range
studio $5,500 - $6,500
small 1 bedroom $6,500 - $7,000
large 1 bedroom $6,800 - $7,300
small 2 bedroom $6,800 - $7,300
large 2 bedroom $7,000 - $7,500
3 bedroom apt $7,000 - $8,000
2 bedroom townhouse/house $7,000 - $8,000
3 bedroom townhouse/house $7,500 - $8,500
4 bedroom townhouse/house $8,000 - $9,500
5+ bedroom townhouse/house starting from $9,000
delivery time range
3-4 days
Flat Rate
Interstate Moving. Express delivery.
Maine ⇄ Florida
from $5,500
  • Expedited delivery
  • 2 professional movers
  • Insurance
  • Dedicated clean truck
  • Gas,tolls,miles,taxes
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Are you considering a move from Maine to Florida? Moving to a new state can be an exciting (and daunting!) experience, especially all the way down the length of the East Coast, but there are plenty of reasons why a move to the Sunshine State may be just what you need.

While Maine is known for its rugged coastlines, picturesque lighthouses, and mouthwatering lobster, Florida offers an entirely different kind of oceanic beauty with its warm beaches, palm trees, and year-round sunshine. Whether you’re a foodie, a Disney fan, or an outdoor recreationist, there’s something for everyone to love in Florida. So if you’re planning to move to paradise, Born to Move can help you every step of the way!

What to Expect When Hiring Moving Companies from Maine to Florida

Moving from Maine to Florida is a significant journey, spanning over 1500 miles down the East Coast via the famous major highway: Route 1. Because of the distance, the moving process can take 4 or more days depending on how big your apartment is, but our Maine to FL moving company makes this task smooth and efficient.
How to move a piano without hiring a piano moving company

Moving Price from Maine to Florida

Born to Move makes the process of estimating your moving costs as easy and convenient as possible. For an initial quote, you can use the free automated calculator on our website to get an idea of how much movers from Maine to Florida will cost. Once you contact us, the process is easy.

First, we’ll need an inventory of all your belongings; we always give our customers a flat rate for a long distance move if it’s over 150 miles, so an inventory is necessary to get an accurate estimate. We provide a handful of options for you to create your inventory. That way, you can choose the method that works best for you. You can:

  • Email us with a list of your items ([email protected])
  • Send us photos of your items through text
  • Collect your inventory with one of our specialists over the phone
  • Register on our website and access the inventory section to upload and select your inventory

Once we have confirmed your inventory, we can provide you with the flat cost to move from Maine to FL. Absolutely everything will be calculated and covered within this rate, from the cost of the truck and our Maine to FL movers to all necessary supplies, gas, tolls, and insurance! For example:

  • One-Bedroom move $7000
  • Two-Bedroom move $8000
  • Three-Bedroom move $9000

There is no initial deposit, but if it turns out there are a lot more items than your inventory suggests, there will be an extra charge for those items. Our pricing is transparent, and we pride ourselves on being upfront about any fees.

Moving Process

Born to Move keeps you updated to ensure you always stay on schedule. Once we have a confirmed moving date, on a moving day, we’ll call you before we arrive to let you know we’re on our way. Our experienced Maine to Florida movers will arrive at your residence and begin the process of moving your belongings, taking the time to protect them. We will:

  • Use moving blankets, padding, and plastic wrap to ensure your items are safe, from your smallest keepsakes to your largest furniture.
  • Disassemble beds and bedframes.
  • Wrap furniture tightly with moving blankets and shrink-wrap.
  • Carefully secure boxes and heavier items with straps when packing them into our truck.

How to move a piano without hiring a piano moving companyAt your request, we will also place floor runners to protect your carpet and/or hardwood.

Once everything is safely loaded into the truck, we’ll collect 50% of the payment and drive to Florida via I-95 S, providing live location check-ins during the trip. Florida is over 1500 miles from Maine, and the drive will take multiple days. To ensure the safety of your belongings and our crew, we will provide two drivers who can alternate shifts and make overnight stops along the way. Born to Move understands that moving can be a stressful time, so we will keep you updated throughout the entire process to give you peace of mind.

When our movers from Maine to Florida arrive at your new home in Florida, we will unload your belongings and reassemble them with the same level of care we took in packing them up. We’ll work closely with you to place everything exactly where you want it, ensuring that your new space feels like home from day one.

Once the job is finished, we will tidy up and sign the necessary paperwork to confirm the move’s completion. We’ll collect the remaining 50% of the payment and provide you with a receipt. Our crew will then head back to Maine from Florida, and your move will be a success! Even upon completion, Born to Move will remain available and eager to answer any questions or comments you may have. We’ll be sure to respond to you just as quickly as we did before you booked us.

When choosing a Maine to Florida moving company, you want to make sure your choice is well-organized and reliable, especially considering how far the trip is. As a licensed interstate moving company Maine to Florida, Born to Move adheres to all regulations and standards for moving between states, giving you the confidence and peace of mind you need during your move.

If you want the best of the best moving companies Maine to Florida, contact Born to Move today for a free quote!

Our rates include all other charges:

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price
Movers from Maine to Florida
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Movers from Maine to Florida
Our Moving Company is fully licensed and insured!