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Relocation provides a great opportunity to start a new life, and sometimes it can even take you to the other side of the country. But it’s not without its challenges, and a trip from Maine to Seattle can be really difficult if you do it with a group of friends or relatives.

The best method for moving you have is to get the help of professional movers. These professionals can ease the process greatly with their skills and moving instruments. Many people do everything on their own because they think a moving service will be really expensive and elitist. Yet, we are here to prove them wrong based on the example of our movers from Maine to Seattle.

Who We Are

The Born to Move company has been providing moving services to customers since 2013. For about ten years, our movers have helped people to complete relocation projects of any difficulty. Regardless of whether it’s transportation around the city, state, coast, or even long-distance across the whole country — the Born to Move company will deal with it.

Our team is represented by the best professionals in the industry. They have all the necessary skills to perform various kinds of transportation. Useful instruments like trucks, boxes, and protection firms feature in their arsenal.

If you worry about the reliability of the company, then you need to look through our licenses and insurance policies. All your possessions will be protected by the law, and compensation will be provided if necessary.

The prices are not considered expensive starter moving packages cost anything from just $140.

There are also no extra charges for the following:

  • Gas
  • Tolls
  • Miles

Independent movers spend large amounts of money on gas and initial transportation, not to mention time and energy. With movers from Seattle to Maine, you will save your precious hours.

What Our Movers Can Do

Movers from Seattle to Maine will present you with a great variety of services for a comfortable relocation. They will help you with loading and transporting everything while driving specialized moving trucks with high capacities.

Our team can help you move to almost any destination. For example, from Maine to Seattle, or in the opposite direction — from Seattle to Maine. Your opportunities are almost limitless.

All your belongings will be placed in moving boxes. Before that, they will be wrapped in protection firms to prevent objects from crashing and breaking from physical impact.

If some objects appear too large or heavy, Maine movers will disassemble them. By the end of the journey in Seattle, they will reassemble everything.

White glove moving and storage feature on the list of services offered. The first one provides an extra level of protection for high-value items that can be damaged easily. The second is a location where your possessions can “rest” for a selected period of time while you deal with other necessities. The costs of such additions are not high at all.

For the cost of a couple of hundred dollars, you will free yourself from the tiring and time-consuming chores involved with moving. Our Maine or Seattle movers will gladly ease your burden for a good price.

How the Relocation Is Performed

The relocation process is quite easy to monitor, even on long trips like from Maine to Seattle. Below we will provide you with an example of a basic moving procedure.

The first step is creating an order. Clients speak to company managers and negotiate the necessary moving details. Date, time, numbers of trucks and movers, kinds of cargo, additional services — we always talk everything through to avoid misunderstanding.

When the time comes, Maine or Seattle movers arrive at the starting point. They wrap every moving object in protection film, put everything in boxes, and then load it into moving trucks.

During the initial transportation period, it is possible to store the cargo in a dedicated place, if necessary, perhaps for a couple of days or weeks — all these terms are negotiated in the first step. When you are ready, Maine or Seattle movers will load everything back and continue their journey.

At the final destination point in Seattle or Maine, the movers unload your belongings, unwrap everything, and reassemble large objects. Then, you are free to live in your new place in Seattle right from the start no long and stressful unloading is necessary. Your time and energy are saved for more important things.


We hope you have become more familiar with movers and moving procedures. With the knowledge gained, you can decide on moving to the place of your dreams. Call us — the Born to Move company is always happy to help.


Our hourly rates include all other charges:

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price
Movers from Maine to Seattle
Our Moving Company is fully licensed and insured!
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