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Are you looking for packing help in Providence Rhode Island? BORN TO MOVE, best packers and movers, are ready to help you with any packing job in Rhode Island. It won’t matter to our Providence packers what you need to pack. You want to pack your kitchen or just a few boxes, our packers and movers are ready to help you. Our moving company provides a service which is not limited to packing or unpacking services. Our packers and movers will help you to pack your entire apartment including bedroom, living room, closets, and basement. For our movers it doesn’t matter how big or how small is the job, we can pack your 5 bedroom house. In order to pack a 5 bedroom house we will have to come a day before the actual moving day and pre-pack everything into the boxes that will take us an entire day. I know it sounds like a big job but it could be done in 1 or 2 days.It depends on how many things we need to pack and how many boxes we will be bringing. Also we charge for packing materials: $3 for small, $4 for medium, and $5 for large box; for packing paper we charge $25 per bundle.

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Born to Move movers and packers in Rhode Island charge $15 for each wardrobe box. When it comes to packing and you are looking for good packing and moving services or maybe you are just looking for packing of kitchen stuff ? Our staff can pack your kitchen items on the same day. Just let our movers know that you will need some additional help with your kitchen stuff. Packers and movers in Rhode Island not only can pack and move stuff we can do much more. We can do box delivery for your convenience and if you need the boxes beforehand, our movers in Rhode Island can bring it to you without any problem. We can also bring packing materials and moving equipment for your convenience. If you also need crane services? Our moving professional team will be able to help you with this task as well as any other moving tasks in Rhode Island. We want you to provide a stress-free moving experience, that’s why when it comes to packing, our movers will be professional and ready to provide outstanding service in Warwick, Providence, or Cranston RI.
We do charge for box delivery for $150 so if you’re looking to get boxes before the move , we charge for box delivery which will cost you $150.

When it comes to packing a 3 or 4 bedroom house, the whole job should take about a day to pack your entire home. Depending on the numbers of the staff that will arrive and how many items inside the house. But pretty much it is going to be the entire day of packing, with 3 or 4 people. Our company charges $150/hour for packing help plus packing supplies for 3 movers, We charge $180/hour plus packing materials for 4 movers. Of course if you are trying to move to a one bedroom apartment and you are looking to pack one of your bedrooms, We will send 2 packers and movers to Providence. They can pack your entire one bedroom apartment in about 3 or 4 hours. For 2 movers, we charge $110/hour. Looking to pack your fragile stuff at your kitchen we can send 2 guys. The whole job takes about 2 hours to pack up your entire kitchen, but again it depends on how big your kitchen is. If you are looking to get a more precise quote, please feel free to send an email or register on the website.

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