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Rental Truck Moving Companies Services and Operation

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States. None of the last businesses are booming, and for sure, if you look for Movers in Rhode Island, you can have a hard time finding movers near me. Born To Move would be a great choice because we are located here in Pawtucket, and we cover the state of Rhode Island entirely, so all of our moving operations extended, not only in RI but in the other 49 states. 

Most of the Movers in Rhode Island charge per hour so do we. 

We charge $140 per hour for two professional movers, including the truck.

For three movers, we charge $190 per hour. That also will include the truck.

If you have a huge house and you require four movers, we charge $250 per hour for four movers and the truck.


What is included in your rate hourly or flat?

Trucks, movers, blankets, all of the moving equipment such as dollars and bin boxes.

We charge additionally for Packing materials, such as tape, shrink, and boxes.

A lot of people in Rhode Island want to move for cheap or they have a small moving job that requires only an hour of work; our company can accommodate this request. Still, our minimum policy is 3 hours for the Rhode Island region. 


Packing and unpackingRental Truck Moving Companies Services and Operation
We offer packing and unpacking options that will be based on the same hourly rate as the regular moves, starting from $140 per hour. Our movers will pack the boxes, unpack the boxes, and do much more to help you move efficiently in and out of the state of Rhode Island.


Storage prices

On top of it we can also provide storage options in Rhode Island. If you have to store a room or a three-bedroom apartment, here’s some information for you.

Storage for one bedroom $400

Storage for two bedroom $500 

Storage for 3-4 bedroom $700 

All storages will be climate-controlled and protected by 24-hour video surveillance. Not all moving companies in Rhode Island can be able to provide the tracking number for each box, but Born To Move does have this feature. If you need it, we can make sure every single box is labeled and stored according to our rules and regulations.


Long-distance movers in RI

If you, for some reason looking to move out of the state of Rhode Island in the New England region or any of the 48th states, Born To Move can help you with this. Approximately moving companies in Rhode Island charge five dollars per mile to move you out of state. It also depends on where you are going. If you go to the East Coast, it is usually higher it can go up to six dollars per mile, but if you move into the West Coast or middle of the country, the rate will be cheaper. Also, to qualify for a long-distance flat rate, you have to move out of a 150-mile radius. Once you cross this line, you qualify for the flat rate from all of the moving companies in Rhode Island.


Rhode Island Local MoversRental Truck Moving Companies Services and Operation

Of course, if you move in in the state of Rhode Island, you will be qualified for a local move; most of the moves that we will be performing locally in the state of Rhode Island, no matter how big or small the job, we always can help you. Our guys can pack, store, and move. All of the local moves will be charged at our rate, which starts at $140 per hour. It goes up to $250 for 4 Movers. Our guys always wrap furniture at the pickup location. We also drive, unload, unwrap, and unpack at the destination. 


Born To Move struggled to be affordable movers in Rhode Island. That’s why we recently lowered our prices because of the season in winter season moving companies in Rhode Island lower the prices because of the lower demand. No wonder you can find cheap local Movers.


Piano Moving

We also provide the piano moving in Rhode Island. we charge a $480 piano fee to move any type of piano. Also, it does not have to include the stairs for every additional staircase; we charge $120 to move because it’s a very heavy instrument. It can weigh up to 600 pounds and require some skills.

That’s why we do charge an additional piano fee on top of the labor fee.


Looking for last minute movers in Rhode Island?

If you require a same-day move or next-day move, our company can help you relocate; for some reason, your other movers in Rhode Island canceled last minute. That is why we have Movers on the go, so pretty much you can give us a call. You can expect our company to show up within a few hours if we have availability, but most of the time, we do so don’t hesitate to contact us.


Commercial Movers
If you’re looking to move an office space, warehouse, or commercial property, we know what to do. We have the best movers in Rhode Island who perform a great job. Every truck will have a ramp and a lift gate to help you relocate smoothly and on time. We have substantial commercial bin boxes where we can put all the stuff and move you after hours at night.


What are your prices?

For local moving, we charge $140 for two movers. This is our most popular rate, and we also charge every 15 minutes of our work. This is our incremental charge policy.

Out-of-state moves will be charged based on the weight and distance but the golden rule, it will cost around five dollars per mile to move out of a state. The most popular destination is New York destination rate starts from $950 with same-day delivery.


Rhode Island Movers
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