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Movers from Rhode Island to New York

Size of the move flat price range
studio $1,500 - $1,800
small 1 bedroom $1,800 - $2,200
large 1 bedroom $2,200 - $2,600
small 2 bedroom $2,200 - $2,800
large 2 bedroom $2,800 - $3,000
3 bedroom apt $3,000 - $4,000
2 bedroom townhouse/house $3,000 - $4,000
3 bedroom townhouse/house $3,500 - $4,500
4 bedroom townhouse/house $4,000 - $6,000
5+ bedroom townhouse/house starting from $5,000
delivery time range
next day
Flat Rate
Interstate Moving. Express delivery.
Rhode Island ⇄ New York
from $1,500
  • Expedited delivery
  • 2 professional movers
  • Insurance
  • Dedicated clean truck
  • Gas,tolls,miles,taxes
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Online and On-site
Free Estimates
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Affordable Rates
and Discounts
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Fully Licensed
and Insured
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Professional Moving

Finding reputable and dependable moving companies near me for the transportation of your stuff is a critical step, especially if you want to relocate a big quantity of personal effects. Although, it’s not an easy undertaking. Before you start making plans for your relocation, you need to be aware of your current financial situation. To achieve this, find out how much it will cost to hire trustworthy movers from Rhode Island to New York. Your belongings will be safe if you use a reliable moving service in the region where you now live. With the help of our experienced movers, we at Born To Move are convinced that your move will go smoothly and quickly. All of your possessions will be delivered on time, undamaged, and wherever they are required. In the little amount of time you do have with us, you can count on us to provide top-notch service. This is supported by many years of competence as well as a big number of clients who are happy with the service they received.

Seasoned movers from Rhode Island to New York can help you plan your relocation

A one-bedroom apartment move will set you back about $2,000. We can also speed up delivery if needed. Deliveries are being made to several places around New York. It will take anything from 1 to 2 days to move to a new site. As long as you can be specific about where you want your things delivered, we can estimate the time and cost of delivery. We will transport your belongings to the store room a day before the transfer and store them there overnight. It will begin at 9 a.m. the following morning. Throughout the course of their job, our employees treat customers with the highest respect. You’ll be able to see our movers in action up close and personal.

Rhode Island to New York moving tips

Born To Move is your best option if you’re in the market for a local moving company. We have been in this line of work for many decades, and our clients can attest to the fact that the quality of our service has never wavered. If you’re in a hurry or have a certain timeline in mind, we’ll be happy to accommodate your needs and provide you with free, no-obligation expert recommendations and price estimates. We’ll take care of all the details so you don’t have to worry about anything. The instruments we have at our disposal will be used to move your belongings from your current house to your new one.  Here’s what we’ve got for you:

  • Only the finest movers from New York to Rhode Island are hired.
  • Vehicles that are capable of completing any kind of moving task
  • You can count on us to keep everything you own safe and secure.
  • We will present you with a free quote as a means of assisting you in developing a financial plan for the future.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. Delegating the moving task to our specialists, whom other moving companies consider to be the best, can relieve you of the burden. Our customers have always been satisfied with our service. If you choose professional movers near me, relocating from Rhode Island to New York will be a pleasant journey.

A safe Rhode Island to New York move demands expertise

Contact our moving specialists or use our online cost calculator to get an idea of moving prices. At our business, we are always working to find ways to save expenses while still ensuring that the services we provide are of the highest possible quality and are competitively priced. All of our movers are thoroughly vetted before they join our team. Moving vans and trucks, as well as other moving equipment, are all available via our company for your convenience. In addition, we provide a broad variety of services that our employees are capable of handling. The cost of relocating is a major concern for us, therefore we’re taking every precaution to minimize that cost. As a consequence, even if moving is time-consuming, there will be no financial implications.

Our hourly rates include all other charges:

  • Labor & Equipment
  • Floor Protection
  • Wrapped Furniture
  • Tolls
  • Taxes
  • No Additional Fees
  • Fuel Charge
  • Safe Delivery
  • Guaranteed Price
Movers from Rhode Island to New York
Our Moving Company is fully licensed and insured!

What's included in the rate for moving from Rhode Island to New York

Our flat rate for moving from Rhode Island to New York includes all other charges. No hidden fees.

Are you guys fully licensed and insured?

Yes, Born to Move Moving Company is fully licensed and Insured for moving from Rhode Island to New York


Customers responsible for truck parking in New York or any parking tickets.

Can i ride in the truck from Rhode Island to New York

Unfortunately you can not be in the truck while we transport your items from Rhode Island to New York ,because of the certain department of transportation regulations.

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Movers from Rhode Island to New York
Our Moving Company is fully licensed and insured!