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Moving Size Movers and Trucks Rate approximate time
to complete
studio or less 2 guys and 1 truck $140/hr 3 hours $420
small 1 bedroom 2 guys and 1 truck $140/hr 3 – 4 hours $420 – $560
large 1 bedroom 2 guys and 1 truck $140/hr 3 – 5 hours $420 – $700
small 2 bedroom 2 guys and 1 truck $140/hr 3 – 5 hours $420 – $700
large 2 bedroom 3 guys and 1 truck $190/hr 4 – 6 hours $760 – $1140
3 bedroom apt 3 guys and 1 truck $190/hr 5 – 7 hours $950 – $1330
2 bedroom townhouse/house 3 guys and 1 truck $190/hr 5 – 7 hours $950 – $1330
3 bedroom townhouse/house 4 guys and 1 truck $240/hr 6 – 8 hours $1440 – $1920
4 bedroom townhouse/house 4 guys and 1 truck $240/hr 7 – 10 hours $1680 – $2400
5+ bedroom townhouse/house 5 guys and 2 truck $340/hr up to 12 hours up to $4080


When you need to move to Skokie, IL, and you don’t have time to do the move on your own, hiring a professional moving company such as Born To Move will reduce your stress by 100%. It’s super easy to hire professionals who will do the job without breaking the budget, and Born To Move is one of the cheapest movers in Skokie, IL.

We prorate our rates, which are charged every 15 minutes, not every hour like other companies. We love our customers, and that’s why we only provide them with great customer service. By checking our testimonials online, you can see for yourself that we are one of the premier moving companies in the Chicagoland area.

Moving doesn’t have to be expensive. Some people say other things, but honestly, cheap moving service is not the best deal you can get. Anyone who can rent a truck and has a license can move with their friend, but professional moving companies don’t operate that way; we always use protective padding.

Born to Move has a plan

We provide insurance and a moving plan for your full-service relocation, and if anything is damaged during moving, we will compensate you for your inconvenience. We have a claims department that can handle the move, and we don’t charge as much as other moving companies in Skokie.

Prices for Local Movers

Our hourly rate is as transparent as it can be; at only $140 per hour for two professional movers, we will save you some hassle, stress, and money. By money, I mean if you hire someone inexperienced or if you move with your friends, you will definitely hit some walls or damage a corner of the friendship without protective padding; it could be a nightmare. But with our moving coordinator and efficient planning, everything will go according to our plan.

There’s no downside when you hire movers in Skokie, IL, because all you have to do is give us a call, provide an inventory, your moving date, and where you’re moving from and to. After that, you will get a free, no-obligation quote, and you can decide for yourself if you would like to hire movers. And if you don’t like luxury moving services, you can hire cheap local movers who do small moving jobs for you.

Moving Permits

We not only provide moving services in Skokie, IL, but we can also obtain and remove moving parking permits. All we have to do is go to City Hall, pick them up, and place them on the poles near your house. There’s an extra fee for this service of $200. Only licensed moving companies in the state of Illinois can provide moving permit services in City Hall, where they do ask for a moving license before letting you pick up the moving parking permits. You can save time by having us get the moving parking permit for you.

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Elevator reservations for moving

When you need to reserve an elevator, usually in a high-rise building in Chicago, we have to provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) in order to make a reservation, and Born to Move is no exception. We can deal with concierges and building management to reserve an elevator for you. Most professional companies will be able to do elevator reservations; just ask your Move Coordinator.

Local Movers

Born to Move provides all types of moving services, but the most crucial one that accounts for over 50% of all our jobs is residential. We provide all residential moving services and charge an hourly rate according to our price schedule. Usually, movers in Skokie, Illinois, have higher prices at the end of the month because of the higher demand. If you want cheap movers, make a reservation in advance; by doing that, you will be able to save money and ensure you get your desired date.

Packers and Movers

When choosing professional packers and movers in Skokie, IL, the packers usually show up the day before. They will pack up all of your miscellaneous items into boxes and professionally seal them with tape. They will protect your belongings and put them in boxes, and they will wrap your chairs, sofas, and other furniture in moving blankets. So, you don’t have to lift a finger when you hire Born To Move to do the job, and you can see for yourself how professionally we can pack and move you.

How To Choose a Safe Mover?

The first thing you have to look at is online testimonials and the number of testimonials as well. Check how long they have been in the business. You can check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for any recent complaints and also check the safety score from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The Department of Transportation provides a safety score for every moving company.

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