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Moving homes is not easy, and it’s even harder when you have to move hundreds of miles away. Moving from the seat of Cumberland to the seat of Wake County is one such move. Maybe it’s time to consider hiring long-distance moving companies. Whether you’re moving for business reasons or to set up a new life with your partner, hiring Maine movers is the right call.

Nervous? Who wouldn’t be? All these items need to be moved! But don’t be anxious! The mountain you see isn’t as big as it currently feels. Take a step back and take a look again. Hiring long-distance transport services like Born To Move will help you see a new, better perspective, and the mountain won’t seem that big!

Let us tell you why a professional moving company will get you to your new home hassle-free.

How You Can Help the Moving Companies

Before Maine movers can help you pack up, there is a checklist for you to work through. Confirm that your new residence is ready for you and your household goods. Pick a move date to leave Portland and check the weather conditions in Raleigh, NC, to make sure you won’t have to suffer rain or extreme heat. Get your documents in order so they don’t mingle with your valued possessions.

Once you know the details, hire the right moving company and give us all the information required for your relocation. Since we’re moving across state lines from Portland to North Carolina, perform quick background checks on our fully licensed and insured services for your peace of mind. Our next move at Born To Move is to make an accurate estimate of the moving costs for this long-distance move.

Working with the Moving Company

The entire moving process will be taken care of by Born To Move’s local movers. The moving team you hire will get the necessary packing supplies, including the packing materials that you will need to prepare your belongings safely for the long journey. They will wrap your stuff to keep the items safe, pack them into the moving truck and set off along the East coast, away from Portland.

Not a lot of long-distance moving services in the moving industry will take the extra step to help you move in and unpack your stuff too. This is a mark of a professional mover. Our core values push us to provide a great service which includes doing most of the heavy lifting. Don’t worry; this won’t cost you a dime extra.

We Offer the Best Packing Services

We urge you to check our overall rating online. No matter the move size, we offer to pack, move and unpack your items, and that’s what makes us the best moving company that works in both Portland and Raleigh, NC. Yes, Born To Move also acts as movers from Raleigh to Portland. That means, even if it’s local moves in North Carolina, our company can provide a service.

Storage Services Worthy of the Best Long Distance Movers

Irrespective of when you’re moving to North Carolina, expert movers rely on advanced technology to store your possessions safely. Even if your moving needs do not demand it, the truck has storage capacity for any size move.

Born To Move will take account of bad weather, truck breakdowns, or any number of reasons that cause a delay. We are among the best moving companies for a reason and our business provides great storage and moving resources.

A Final Word from the Professional Movers

As a trusted moving company, we provide great communication from our local moving experts. We will provide customers with a free quote no matter where they are in the country. As one of the best movers, we also have a reputation for staying on schedule because we understand the importance of time.

We don’t charge extra for fuel, pit stops for food, city tolls or even miles. Our service rates only depend on where you’re moving from, where you’re moving to and the luggage that needs to be packed, stored and transported.

Customers keep coming back for our business as we take out job seriously and perform the full line of duties to keep the customers satisfied. We will be more than happy to give a helpling hand to you with this long-distance journey. The least thing we can do is to help you settle down easily in your new place.


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  • Guaranteed Price
Movers from Portland Maine to Raleigh
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