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Movers from Chicago to New York

Size of the move flat price range
studio $4,500 - $5,000
small 1 bedroom $5,200 - $5,500
large 1 bedroom $5,500 - $5,800
small 2 bedroom $5,500 - $5,800
large 2 bedroom $5,700 - $6,200
3 bedroom apt $5,800 - $6,500
2 bedroom townhouse/house $5,800 - $6,500
3 bedroom townhouse/house $6,500 - $7,500
4 bedroom townhouse/house $7,000 - $8,000
5+ bedroom townhouse/house starting from $8,000
delivery time range
2 days
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How to move a piano without hiring a piano moving company

When you need to move from Windy City to Big Apple and search for moving companies who can accomplish this task, you can rest assured that Born to Move will be able to do this job in just only two days from start to finish.

This is very crucial to find a moving company that will be able to provide expedited and good service when moving from Chicago to New York City.

When searching for moving companies from Chicago to New York, all you have to do is check the reviews and check if they already performed moving from Chicago to New York.

How can you check if the company already did moving from Chicago to New York?

This is not a usual task. You can search company reviews online on Google Maps or on Yelp to see if previous customers mentioned something about their experience when moving from Chicago to New York. More reviews that you will find mention a good completion of the job is better.

Why choose our moving company from Chicago to New York?

A whole job from start to finish will be done in just two days. If we pick up your stuff on Monday, we will deliver your belongings on Tuesday evening in New York. We have a very fast turnaround. That’s why we never pick up other customers’ belongings onto the truck. You can rest assured that your items will get to New York City without any hesitation.

The distance between the two cities is 800 miles in total; driving time is approximately 12 hours. Please note, Truck will go slower on the highway, and we have to stop at the inspection points for trucks and weight stations.
We don’t have any hidden charges. All of our flat rates are strictly upfront. We do not charge for packing materials such as tape, shrink wrap, and mattress covers, that is already included in your flat price.

Loading and unloading should take the following:

  • Loading one bedroom apartment in Chicago will take 2-3 hours.
  • Two-bedroom apartment loading should take between 3 to 5 hours.
  • Three-bedroom apartment loading should take 5 to 7 hours.

This is very helpful information. And this will help you decide and plan your entire day when moving from Chicago to New York.

How can you get the quote?

It’s very easy to get the quote. All we have to get from you is some basic information, such as the type of service you need, a list of inventory, and the type of entrance for both loading and unloading points.
Once we have all this information, we can produce the quote. We usually give you a quote within 15 minutes after receiving all this info.

If you like our price, we can agree on the pickup and delivery date. If you also need to postpone your delivery date to New York, our company will be able to do this without any additional charges; just let a manager know in advance.

What’s included in our flare price?

Everything is included, such as gas, tolls, miles, loading, unloading, transportation, delivering, and wrapping your furniture. This is included in the flat price and our moving service from Chicago to New York.

How much does it cost to move from Chicago to New York?

This is probably the most popular question when comes to researching the topic.

  • One-bedroom apartment move will cost you $4,000.
  • Two-bedroom apartment move from Chicago to New York cost $4,800.
  • Three-bedroom apartment move to NYC is $5,500.
  • Four-bedroom apartment move will cost you $5,000 to $6,000 based on the actual inventory.

How do we operate?

Our movers always wrap your furniture with moving blankets. When moving interstate, we will wrap your furniture with blankets, secure everything with tape and shrink wrap, and ensure your stuff will not get damaged during moving from Chicago to New York. We will also disassemble all the furniture and wrap this furniture and stack them inside the truck. Once everything is stocked, we will secure belongings again with the straps and commercial bin boxes. The last thing we want to do is to destroy or damage your belongings.

We never hire subcontractors; all moves from start to finish will be performed by our moving company from Chicago to New York.

We are full of licenses to operate out of the state of Chicago, New York, and between. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us.

Movers from Chicago to New York
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Movers from Chicago to New York
Our Moving Company is fully licensed and insured!